We offer our education activities using blended learning that combines online digital media with traditional classroom methods. Our students have the possibility to study 100% online or a mixed method online and face-to-face, meeting once till twice a year for a week in Zurich-Switzerland, Dubai-UAE or Las Vegas-USA. We offer our courses, workshops and programs in the following domains: Leadership and Business Administration (including specializations), Leadership in Higher Education, Leadership in Politics, Leadership in Healthcare, Leadership in Law and Leadership and Arts. Our leadership programs focus on competencies of efficient leadership that expose you to principles helpful in any career field. Ours students are prepared to lead their organization to greater effectiveness and success.

ALSS is committed to providing you flexible, convenient, and high quality degrees and courses. Whether you would like to advance your career with master’s degree from any of our programs, or just take a few courses in an area of interest, we have a learning program that is right for you.

ALSS operates in Switzerland and throughout the world. We stand for excellence in leadership education, research, advising, consulting and coaching. We want leaders to get better, so we provide them with up to date research outcomes, practical leadership and management learning.