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The Academy of Leadership Higher Education Sciences Switzerland offers a vast variety of Master Advanced Studies programs in various profiles. Institute of Higher Education is designed to encourage ambitious individuals willing to develop further professional competencies in administration, teaching, student development, or other areas within the domain of higher education.

The Academy takes pride of its professional academic staff committed to providing you with flexible, convenient, and highly structured learning study programs and courses. Each program is designed to help students in achieving intellectual and professional goals.

They expand their practical knowledge, improve critical thinking and accuracy, strengthen research and organizational skills. Most importantly, they learn how to be persuasive, successful, and effective leaders who can identify, promote, and accomplish their leadership goals and objectives while improving the productivity of their organization or institution.


For more detailed information regarding each Master of Advanced Studies in Higher Education, please check out the list of the programs below.


Our Education Leadership Programs

Graduate Benefits

Completing a business leadership program offers numerous benefits to graduates. Firstly, these programs provide comprehensive training in leadership techniques and strategies, enhancing graduates’ skills in decision-making, problem-solving, communication, and team management. This equips them with the necessary tools to excel in leadership roles and drive organizational success.

Professional Development

Our programs are designed to give you the edge to excel on your profession with advanced knowledge.

Quality Education

We are up-to-date with latest business trends and insights that enable us to offer qualitative education


We have a global pool of alumni from all eh parts of the world who are excelling on their leadership journey.

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