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Academy of Leadership Science in Switzerland is committed to discovering and educating the next generation of world’s most powerful leaders. We offer various education activities combining online and traditional learning methodologies in various domains including different leadership management and business courses and advanced studies programs.

The academy will provide you with an exceptional academic experience that will give you the opportunity to strengthen your leadership potential in various business domains while expanding your professional and intellectual abilities beyond your expectations.

With our MAS programs in Leadership and Business Administration, you will master critical, strategic, and reflective thinking and become an effective and successful leader.

Each program of Masters in Business Leadership program at the Institute of Business is designed to meet your personal goals and expand your professional perspectives in leadership.


For more detailed information regarding each Master of Advanced Studies in Leadership and Business Administration, please check out the list of the programs below.


Our Business Leadership Programs

Graduate Benefits

Completing a business leadership program offers numerous benefits to graduates. Firstly, these programs provide comprehensive training in leadership techniques and strategies, enhancing graduates’ skills in decision-making, problem-solving, communication, and team management. This equips them with the necessary tools to excel in leadership roles and drive organizational success.

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