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Academy of Leadership Sciences

Consulting / Coaching

Consulting / Coaching

Our Offering

Besides offering a Graduate Education and conducting Research in Leadership Sciences, ALSS provides companies, institutions, and individuals with Advising, Consulting and Coaching in the following domains: Leadership in Business, Leadership in Higher Education, Leadership in Politics, Leadership in Healthcare and Leadership in Law.

The institute of Leadership in Business at the Academy of Leadership Sciences-Switzerland offers the following services in Advising, Consulting and Coaching:

•    Develop Leadership Skills and Presence in Business
•    Manage Change in Business
•    Increase Personal Effectiveness
•    Pre-thinking Difficult Conversations in Business
•    Cultivate Effective Relationships in Business
•    Performance Management in Business
•    Effectively Leading Others
•    Rewards and Recognition in Business
•    Work/Life Balance
•    Career Development and Succession Planning in Business
•    Creativity and Innovation in Business
•    Process Improvement in Business
•    Strengthen High-Performance Team
•    Organizational assessments
•    Management consulting
•    Leadership transition and succession planning
•    Strategic planning in Business
•    Association management
•    Assessment and negotiation in Business
•    Short-term projects in Business
•    Organizational start-ups
•    Board development training
•    Staff and leadership team development
•    CEO & Executive Succession Planning
•    Leadership Assessment
•    Helping reduce cultural barriers to change
•    Leadership Talent Strategy in Business
•    One-On-One Coaching
•    Group Coaching
•    Team Coaching
•    Transition coaching for executive and selected leaders
•    Executive coaching
•    Career and life coaching for executives
•    Interview preparation and coaching for executives
•    Interview preparation and coaching for difficult negotiations

About Our Consulting Service

ALSS is established in Switzerland and operates worldwide. The ALSS experts are international, very experienced in their domains and can support you constructively to solve any problem you or your institution might have.

You can find out the main areas of advising consulting and coaching for each of our institution by clicking one of the following institutions below. Under each institution you can fill the form and let us know about the subject area you need support. We will contact you as soon as possible and send you one offer.

Our Advisors