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Institute of Sports Law

The Institute of Sports Law is recognized as one of the premier institutions globally, specializing in the dynamic field of Sports Law. At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to academic excellence and practical expertise, empowering both individuals and organizations within the sporting community.

Our educational outreach is truly global. We conduct specialized courses and engaging workshops in numerous countries, reflecting our status as a trailblazing education institution in Sports Law. This worldwide footprint not only enhances our reputation but also enables us to infuse local insights with international best practices.

Our Sports Law Programs

In our quest to foster growth and development, we have forged strategic collaborations with a multitude of National and International Sports Organizations. These partnerships are designed to be mutually beneficial, aiding in the continuous advancement of all stakeholders involved in the sporting domain.

We understand that each organization has unique needs. That’s why our workshops are highly flexible and tailored to meet the specific demands of National and International Sports Federations. This bespoke approach ensures that every entity we work with receives the most relevant and impactful training possible.

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Sports Law Faculties

Our team is our pride. Comprised of the finest experts in Sports Law, each member is dedicated to the educational journey of our participants. They bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring that every course and workshop is not just informative but also transformative.

The ultimate goal of the Institute of Sports Law is to educate and equip both individuals and institutions with the necessary legal acumen in sports. We aim to directly and indirectly support athletes and sports institutions, nurturing a fair, ethical, and competitive environment for all.

Graduate Benefits from ALSS

Professional Development

Our programs are designed to give you the edge to excel on your profession with advanced knowledge.

Quality Education

We are up-to-date with latest business trends and insights that enable us to offer qualitative education


We have a global pool of alumni from all eh parts of the world who are excelling on their leadership journey.