Scholarship offered by the Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS)

The ALSS offers a limited number of scholarships. The scholarship is granted on the basis of academic excellence and the civic responsibility and engagement.

The ALSS scholarship is available for all students that are registered in one of our graduate master programs.

You apply for an ALSS scholarship after you have applied for one of the master programs. This scholarship covers tuition fee in part. The available level of tuition fee reduction is between 10% and 30% depending on candidate’s academic excellence and the civic responsibility and engagement.


  • The application for scholarship will be considered only if the application/registration fee of SFR 300 has been paid.
  • The first 15 registered students per master program that apply for a scholarship and prove the academic excellence and civic responsibility and engagement will receive it.

Application procedure for scholarship

  1. You apply for the registration in one of our programs, by sending us all the documents required.
  2. The ALSS will inform you per e-mail, if you fulfill the requirements to be accepted in the master program.
  3. If the ALSS confirms that you fulfill the requirements to be accepted, this confirmation is valid 20 days, within this period of time you have to pay the registration fee of SFR 300.
  4. After receiving the registration payment, ALSS will send you an official letter of acceptance.
  5. After receiving the letter of acceptance from us you can apply for our scholarship, by sending us the scholarship application letter.
  6. The ALSS will inform you within 10 days if you are eligible for our scholarship or not.

The scholarship application letter should include:

  • Individual determination to succeed.
  • Future goals and plans to achieve them.
  • Self-motivation in completing challenging coursework.
  • Volunteerism, service learning, field-work or internships that show civic responsibility and engagement.