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Course Introduction

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, technical skills are no longer sufficient for achieving success. Emotional intelligence (EI) has emerged as a critical competency that can significantly impact professional growth, effective teamwork, and leadership effectiveness. This course, “Emotional Intelligence in Business,” is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of emotional intelligence and its vital role in the business world.

Course Content

Throughout this course, participants will delve into the key concepts of emotional intelligence and learn how to harness and apply them in various business contexts.

Course Details

What will you learn in this course

- Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
- The Neuroscince of Emotional Intelligence
- Understanding emotional intelligence and its importance in the workplace
- Differentiating between emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence
- The Five Components of Emotional Intelligence
- Enhancing Personal Emotional Intelligence
- Techniques for self-assessment and self-reflection
- Strategies for managing stress and negative emotions
- Cultivating a growth mindset and intrinsic motivation
- Interpersonal Skills and Empathy in Business
- Effective communication and active listening
- Emotional Intelligence in Leadership

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The Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS) is an international education institution that offers continuing education, further education, and post graduate advanced education courses, workshops and programs focusing on advanced studies in Leadership and Management. The ALSS also offers short courses that are not credit- bearing, and do not lead to formal qualifications. All attendees who successfully complete this course will be awarded ALSS-Advanced Certificate by the ALSS.

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