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Course Introduction

The course Introduction to Sports Law is a four-week open course (every Wednesday two hours online), offered by the Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland.

The course is designed and delivered by recognized experts in Sports Law. It is being offered as an open course and can be attended by anyone who is or aspires to get, involved in the industry of sports – including sports administrators, lawyers, sports agents, or intermediaries, current and former athletes, among others.

Course Content

The course covers specific topics on sport-related issues including the national and international regulation of sport, sports governing bodies, national law directly applicable to sports, contracts, sports agents/intermediaries, dispute resolution, and other topics.

Course Details

Course Structure

Week 1: Introduction to Sports Law (2 hours)

• What is Sports Law?
• Sports Law on the Global Stage.
• International regulation of sport and Sports Law.

Week 2: The U.S. Legal Framework in Sports Law and National Governing Bodies (2 hours)

• Professional Sports Leagues and Union Representations.
• Olympic Sports in the U.S. - USOPC.
• Ted Stevens Act, SafeSport Act, and other legal frameworks effecting binding arbitration in sport.

Week 3: Anti-doping (2 hours)

• Regulatory framework, WADA, U.S. Anti-Doping Agency.
• Anti-doping Rule Violations.
• Sanctions.
• Disciplinary process – an overview.

Week 4: Safeguarding in Sport – SafeSport in the U.S. (2 hours)

• Disciplinary matters.
• Disputes & differences – private tribunals and the Courts.
• Potential harmonization of Safeguarding in sport.

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Accreditation & Certification

The Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS) is an international education institution  that  offers  continuing  education,  further  education,  and  post  graduate advanced  education  courses,  workshops  and  programs  focusing  on  advanced  studies in Leadership and Management. The ALSS also offers short courses that are not credit- bearing, and do not lead to formal qualifications. All attendees who attend all the four presentations for the Introduction to Sports Law course will be awarded certificates of successful attendance by the ALSS.

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