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Online program

Women Leadership in the Sports Industry: raising awareness to support action

Course Introduction

The course „Women Leadership in the sports industry: raising awareness to support action“ is a
four-week course (every Tuesday two hours online) offered by the Academy of Leadership
Sciences Switzerland, Zurich, for women working or aspiring to work and grow in the Sports
This course is different from everything you have seen before. We believe empowerment comes
from the knowledge of women’s history and the awareness of women’s condition. We will
combine theoretical knowledge, practical advice and self-assessments, which will effectively
give you the tools and empower you to conduct yourself professionally in the Sports Industry
with confidence and clear objectives.

Course Content

Over these 8 hours, we will analyse women‘s present condition, become aware of women‘s
history, explain women‘s socialization and tackle with a hands-on approach the topic of women
leadership, based on authors like Gerda Lerner, Michelle Perrot, Simone de Beauvoir and others.

Course Details

Course Structure

Week 1: Setting the scene (2 hours)

• Where we stand: relevant data on women’s condition
• Where we want to go: benefits of women’s increased social and political participation, and current

Week 2: Becoming aware (2 hours)

• Knowledge, awareness, empowerement: a necessary road to self-determination
• Women in history:
• Gerda Lerner: the begginings and development of sex-based oppression
• Michelle Perrot: the contemporary chronicler of women‘s history

Week 3: Pinpointing the problem (2 hours)

• «One is not born, but rather becomes a woman»: Simone de Beauvoir explains women
• Focus on the «impostor syndrome» and the «Cinderella complex»
• Homework: self-assessment questionnaire

Week 4: Tackling the problem (2 hours)

• Women leadership in the brain (participation of Fadil Citaku, Ph.D. And Master in
Medical Education)
• Final workshop: discussion and analyis of the group’s experiences

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Accreditation & Certification

The Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS) is an international education institution  that  offers  continuing  education,  further  education,  and  post  graduate advanced  education  courses,  workshops  and  programs  focusing  on  advanced  studies in Leadership and Management. The ALSS also offers short courses that are not credit- bearing, and do not lead to formal qualifications. All attendees who attend all the four presentations for the Introduction to Sports Law course will be awarded certificates of successful attendance by the ALSS.

Our Faculty

Prof. Dr. Fadil Çitaku

Prof. Dr. Fadil Çitaku is a professor of Leadership and Emotional Intelligence at the Academy of Leadership Sciences Switzerland (ALSS). He is the founder and CEO of the ALSS, founder and director of the graduate program Doctorate in Medical Education (DME) and professor of PHD program in Medical Education. Prof. Çitaku has been teaching in graduate and postgraduate programs for more than 23 years and has experience in developing curricula and projects in Switzerland and abroad. He has developed two models of leadership: 1. Leadership Competency Model Çitaku,. And 2. Leadership Competency Model-Drenica.

Lívia Silva Kägi

Lívia Silva Kägi has a law degree from the University of Brasília (UnB). She was admitted to the Brazilian Bar Association in 2006. She has been active in the field ofsports law since 2011, and after 10 years working as a lawyer at the Players’ Status Department of FIFA, she started her own consultancy in sports law – Silva Kägi Law. She was also Deputy Chairwoman of the Dispute Resolution Chamber of the FIFA Football Tribunal and the very first woman in this role.

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